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To see what the blogs are saying about our trips! This is the testimonial of a non-dancer guest that joined this adventure… Tango_Passion_in_Buenos_Aires-Blogged (click here!)

248031_10152844121070623_417820284_nMore than any of the photos, I will keep the treasured memories. Thanks to you, Fabio and Jennifer for organizing this trip. We made a really great group!

Brenda Armenti-Kapros
Tango Passion in B.A. 2013



Kathy-Ingrish1“Spending a week immersed in Argentine tango was an incredible opportunity — seeing professionally produced shows, getting up close to street dancers, taking daily lessons, attending milongas, visiting historic sites, and so much more. Fabio’s careful planning gave us a balance of sightseeing, superb food, dancing, and relaxation, making this an unforgettable experience. ”

Kathi Ingrish


Jamee testimonial

” What an exciting trip!! Fabulous food, fun sightseeing adventures, great Brazilian samba and bolero classes, fantastic dance shows, incredible experiences dancing the Brazilian dances — samba, bolero, zouk, forró at local dance parties, and the greatest thrill….for Fabio and I to perform our cha cha on stage!!! Fabio and Jennifer….I cannot thank you enough for your fantastic planning for the entire trip…from the beautiful hotel…exquisitely prepared meals by top chefs…..great sightseeing adventures…to the personal care you gave to us all.
Thanks so much!!! ”
Jamee Plockmeyer
Baila Floripa 2012

Tetiana testimonial“I cannot express how grateful I am for this wonderful and exciting trip! I appreciate the great effort you put into the organization of the trip. All activities were fantastic!
I enjoyed the trip so much that I did not want to come back to real life.
Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to perform Tango and to learn authentic Brazilian Samba and Bolero. Everything
was so great that I regreted that I have never become a professional dancer. I am looking forward to exciting future dancing opportunities and trips.

Tetyana Nesterenko
Baila Floripa 2008

Scotti testimonial

“The trip was so well planned and the island beautiful. The beaches, the people, so wonderful! Thanks for sharing your Brazil with us!! The dancing was so much fun and the dancing hosts so kind and professional. The meals were the best I have ever had!!! Oysters, shrimp, and all that delicious and so beautiful fruit. And the settings…personal home, lagoon, it was truly paradise. You and Jennifer made us all feel so special– the welcome reception, water in the rooms, fruit tray… your personal touch was everywhere. I have not travelled much, but I am spoiled now! I will only book my trip through Dancing trips and only with Fabio and Jennifer as my travelling hosts and friends!!!
Thanks so much for giving me such a DEAR memory! ”

Scotti Kramer
Baila Floripa 2008

Jennifer testimonial“I am missing you all and the great time we had together. Looking forward for the next shoping or dancing either in Rio or Buenos Aires. I will be there also in 2006.

Thanks, ”

Jennifer Bonini

Helenmarie testimonial“ I have traveled all over the world but never enjoyed a trip as much as Buenos Aires last year. Loved the company, both the Americans and the Argentinians we met, the accommodations, the food, the dancing. Fabio and Jennifer provided a week with just the right combination of activity and free time. I will be in Rio this year and maybe even Buenos Aires again! ”

Helenmarie Corcoran
Tango Passion in Buenos Aires 2005


Joe testimonial“I had the best time thanks to you. Our group was like a family. Looking forward to the next ones.”
Joe Grouby




dancetango“I can’t thank you enough for inviting me to such a fabulous trip. Everything was perfect. Dinner, the people and the shows, the nigths out were spectacular! You really know how to throw a Dream Trip! I will never forget our showcase, the dancing, horse rides, massage, candlelight diners …I could go forever …Everything made me feel very special. It worthy every penny.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Linda Lee
2000 Sao Paulo Intern. Dance Competition- Brazil


DC Dance Challenge, Washington DC