Baila Floripa

From June 28 to July 4. Be prepared for a lifetime experience!

You will be taken to experience the best food, sightseen, tours, shows, workshops, and dancing. Everything is carefully planned to offer you simply “the best”. Weather you are a great dancer or have never tried before, you will come back inspired with great memories to share, some Brazilian friends and a smile to last the rest of the year

Dancers from all over the world travel to the “Magic Island” of Florianopolis (A.K.A. Floripa) to perform, learn, teach, compete and have fun dancing at the festival multiple dance parties, and you are about to be part of it.

Your Brazilian (bilingual) DancingTrips© guide will be waiting for you on the airport to welcome you. DancingTrips team will make sure you are safe and taken care.

Where is Floripa?
The capital of the State of Santa Catarina, one of Brazil’s wealthiest per capita states, Florianópolis is modern and cosmopolitan yet enchanting and rustic at the same time. It is one of the most popular destinations in Brazil, also called “The Magic Island” due to its unique combination of superb beaches, a unique culture, beautiful scenery, and a cosmopolitan mix of people. It is one of the few destinations in the world where the new and the old coexist harmoniously. Blessed with tremendous natural beauty, the city also offers beaches and tourism infrastructure, excellent dining and nightlife, first-world shopping options, as well as untouched pristine nature preserves and charming little fishing villages.

What are we going to do?
Floripa City Tour
The city tours will help you understand why this city has the best quality of life in the country.
Schooner Trip
The best way to explore an island is by boat. You will visit an inspirational place for many songs and poems and countless love affairs.
Fishing Village Tour (Oyster specialties)
At “Ribeirão da Ilha”, in the southern bay area, the original Azorean colonists have left their most characteristic imprint; here their culture and architecture are still preserved today. The area is also famous for producing the best oysters in Brazil and possibly the best in the world; we won’t miss the chance to try this delicacy in situ.
Jurere tour.
Organized, planned, safe, and clean, attracting many visitors who decide to become residents, due to the excellent quality of life.
Fabulous Food
The highest quality meats and spices to thrill you. Your guide will make sure that you leave Brazil saying “I’ve never eaten so well in my life!”
Shopping in Floripa
You will find gifts you know are one of a kind!
Dance Shows
Professional theatrical ballroom shows. Amateur and professional Selected Showcases. Brazilian ballroom competition. Farewell performances.

Dance Parties & Workshops
We set up exclusive workshops, and join the parties of one of the most important partner dancing festival with support of our local dancing team. This way our international group blends in with the local dance culture and have plenty of dancing, as our group is always balanced in leaders and followers.

Small Groups – Deadline – April 2024