DCDC Washington, DC – Sep 30 to Oct 01, 2016



Annual DC Dance Challenge & Showcase

You are invited to enjoy! Exciting, fun, friendly Weekend Dancesport Events in Washington, D.C. area.
Competing, performing, dancing or cheering for your favorite couple!

The “DC Dance Challenge” (DCDC) is organized by local members of the United States Showcase and Dance Challenge Association (USSDC), with all competitive dances and levels, plus Salsa, and Argentine Tango. It is also supported by A.A.I.B.P.

This exciting one day ballroom dance event features special events such as single and multi dance competition, students evening “Dancing with the Stars” Showcase and an amazing Pro-Show “Superstars of Dance” followed by a dance party. It is unique to any kind of dancer. Newcomer competitors will find friendly features as optional uncontested entries, and judges proficiency scoring.

For the audience, besides the exciting events of competition, DCDC offers an evening with extra excitement activities such as the “DCDC Dancing with the Stars” , Professional Dance Show and a great dance party with the presence of the best dancers of Washington DC. Plenty of dancing will be available.

FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE VISIT: http://www.DCDanceChallenge.com