Dance in Rio 2018

    The supreme Brazilian dance adventure- April 17 -23, 2018

Dance in Rio de Janeiro is the supreme exotic dance adventure because of the supreme sensation created by finding out a different side of you with a greater sense of enjoyment and freedom. A distant drum beats out a contagious rhythm. A frisson of energy ripples through the animated crowd and the dancing begins, flashes of vibrant colour and flamboyant movements bringing the streets to life. This journey through your senses may be caused by the interaction of the beautiful ambience and the exciting activities, you cannot afford to miss.

This unique Dance Trip only happens every 4 years, and it is designed for people who;

1 Want to visit Rio de Janeiro, A.K.A. the “wonderful city”.
Long famous for carnival with its colors, music and beautiful people, this is a city to awaken all of your senses. Catch a beat from an open window, the energy of the streets, and learn the dances that have made Brazil famous as the country of fiery, sexy moves! Our crew will take you to visit the most beautiful places in Rio. All tours are included!

2. Love Dancing.
This is a chance to expand your horizons and connect to a culture unlike any other. By learning some Brazilian dances you may find better ways to communicate than speaking. Rio is the ideal setting for a once in a lifetime dance experience where you will be able to take in the new dances, watching Brazilian dance shows  and learning some Forro, Samba, Zouk, and Lambada. You will also have the opportunity to share some of your own dancing in our nice dance cultural exchange showcase and dance party with the so appreciative Brazilians. Learn more about our Dance Events in Rio.

3.Do not want to have a single worry.
Forever Dancing specialists are Brazilian and have been organizing these trips to Brazil for 13 years. They became renowned for providing this unique dance experience to an exclusive dance clientele. Everything is arranged to give you the best quality experience of everything,  leaving you free to take in every minute completely stress free. When you come back from this trip, you will be filled with amazing experiences and impressions including exquisite foods, native dance parties, tours and shows from the best dancers that have all been carefully planned for your pleasure.

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